Friday, March 29, 2013

What Your Monthly Budget Planner Should Have to Help You

Managing your finances could be complicated and stressful even when you use such software to help you doing the task. What I mean here is the complicated software that you should download and install. It must be easier for you to budget your finance by using easy software without download and install process through the connection of the internet. It means that you can manage your finance wherever and whenever you want simply by connecting yourself to the World Wide Web.
Card Nanny is the safe software of monthly budget planner that fulfills the requirements. With only $5.95 per month, you can manage your monthly finances easily and efficiently because of useful features provided. Here they are:
·         My monthly budget
It enables you to manage your budget by tracking your incomes and bills. You will remember how much you have and how much you should pay for so that you can save your money efficiently.
·         My cards
As you may guess, it is a smart way to control and manage your credit cards.
·         My rewards
It is available for active Card Nanny plus. It allows you to record your points and the expirations of your cards.
·         My receipts and warranties
It is a great way to lookup and organize your warranty easily. This one enables you to enter and save warranty information from any purchases you have made.
·         My credit scores
It records your credit scores by bureau of FICO/FAKO. It is efficient to help you tracking the progress of your credit card you build.
·         My credit applications
Helpful for you to track your credit card and loan applications you have along with the dates and statuses.
·         My reminders
It is the one you need to remind everything related   to your financial.
·         My goals
It allows you to create balanced budget as the guideline you need monthly.
·         Lost wallet Nanny
For an unfortunate moment of lost credit card, this feature helps you to store your credit card information. It saves time and money.
The features offered by this Personal Finance Online are surely helpful for your money management. Just follow the link to create your account and start budgeting!

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